What is being developed in times of transformation

Channeled portrait of Asket of Temmer during an Atlantean project

My current path is one of unexpected transformation, healing and changes in direction. I am full of gratitude for this new stage that involves working with new coallegues in physical, who have shared a path with me in perhaps countless of timelines in countless of worlds. They are not awakened to this knowing, yet the connection is very palpable. Meanwhile, projects are being brewed during my moments of silence.

When the demands of my soul to disconnect from any form of distraction, and the weekend arrives, I dwelve in the stories of our Cosmos. Its mysteries and the mysteries of those great beings who have shaped our destinies in imaginable and unimaginable ways.

I become thus inspired to continue writing down their stories in the form of a book that I started two years ago. I have not been able to add as much to this project as I wish I had when I started. However, as my transformation happens, the memories and stories shared by all kinds of beings take shape in more concrete descriptions and imagery written in a higher language that can bring the much needed remembrance of love beyond the polarity we have seen for so long.

Additionally, I work slowly but surely in some large watercolors that reflect the nature of lost home worlds. These ones will be included in a more professional site, but I will link them to this site at some point.

As I get to know the heart of so many great master beings, I come to realize how little we know about them, even if we think we really know them. There is so much more to reality than we know.

My current job prevents me from spending much time developing these projects and uploading any updates to this site. However, I will keep writing articles now and then, and when there is enough progress with the other projects, I will be sure to upload anything worth displaying in this site, including artworks.

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